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Your Aviation Language Assessment
Body in Austria. Implementing both ICAO and EASA's
standards & recommended practices.


Information for candidates

This is how we will help you fulfil the ICAO / EASA
language proficiency requirements:


ICAO and EASA language requirements

Aeroplane, helicopter ... and airship pilots required to use the radio telephone shall not exercise the privileges of their licences and ratings unless they have a language proficiency endorsement on their licence in either English or the language used for radio communications involved in the flight.


We currently offer tailored Aviation English and German language testing solutions for pilots of airplanes (general aviation as well as business/airline transport), helicopters and even sailplanes.

Air Traffic Controllers

We currently offer German Aviation Language testing and English Aviation testing training (examiner / rater training) for Air Traffic Controllers.

Our testing procedures

All testing procedures in use have been assessed and approved in accordance with European aviation standards (EASA FCL.055), implementing the international recommendations on language testing (ICAO Doc 9835) by our competent civil aviation authority:


Offering maximum flexibility for the candidate and the examiner by using a variety of testing scenarios which are tailored to the needs of the participant, whether it be General Aviation, Airline, Helicopter or Sailplane. This makes ELPT our preferred Aviation English language testing tool for pilots.


Online language testing - take the test whenever and wherever you want to. This option saves you travel cost and gives you maximum flexibility.

All you need is a computer with a microphone, a webcam and Google Chrome. Pay via PayPal and start right away.
No previous scheduling needed.


Following the technical principles of ELPT, GLPT is the approved Pilot’s testing tool for German Aviation language (General Aviation, Airline, Helicopter and Gliders, as well as Air Traffic Controllers).



Each test will be
assessed by at least
2 different examiners.

1 - 6

We offer language testing
for all levels of the
ICAO rating scale

60 min

The test takes
1 hour.


Exams have been performed
by our experienced
examiners and raters

How to receive a licence endorsement

  • Documentation provided by LAB-106

    As a candidate, you will receive the following documentation from the Language Assessment Body LAB-106:
    -> A detailed confirmation of your test result
    -> Upon request: certificate of test completion

    As well as receiving your test results, they will be forwarded to the competent authority (Austro Control, CAA of Austria) for LAB supervision and quality checks as well as the licensing authority in case your licence was issued by an EASA member state.

  • Obtaining a licence endorsement in Austria

    Applicable to all candidates who hold licences issued by the Austrian civil aviation authority Austro Control GmbH (ACG), or who will apply to ACG for future licence issue:

    All initial endorsements of language proficiency are carried out by the competent aviation authority. This also applies to revalidations or renewals, when the language proficiency level changes due to the latest test result.

    In case of revalidations or renewals, if the level of language proficiency stays the same throughout the testing history, the endorsement can also be carried out by a specially qualified examiner, as a handwritten entry on the back-side of the licence document. However: this procedure is not recommeded. It is a valid procedure within Austria, but other states do not necessarily need to accept hand-written language proficiency endorsements.
    Therefore, we recommend to apply for an authority endorsement.

  • Obtaining a licence endorsement in Germany, Hungary or Slovakia

    Applicable to all candidates who hold licences issued by the the civil aviation authorities of Germany, Hungary or Slovakia, or who will apply to these authorities for future licence issue:

    LAB-106 will provide you with all documents necessary for application or rating revalidation.

    If you wish to appeal against your result, you may nevertheless choose to appeal to Austro Control (as supervisory authority of the LAB) or your national civil aviation authority.

  • Obtaining a licence endorsement in Switzerland

    Applicable to all candidates who hold licences issued by the the federal office for civil aviation (Swiss CAA), or who will apply to this authority for future licence issue:

    LAB-106 will provide you with all documents necessary for application or rating revalidation.

    Up to this point we can only offer testing for the levels 4 (operational) and 5 (extended) for Swiss licence holders.

  • Obtaining a licence endorsement in other EU states
    or in a 3rd (non-EU) country 

    Applicable to all candidates who hold licenses issued by other EU / EASA member states or 3rd country (non-EU) states:

    Before taking the language proficiency exam with LAB-106, please make sure that our testing procedures will be accepted by your competent licensing authority.
    LAB-106 can provide your competent aviation authority with all documentation necessary in this process.


How should you prepare for the test?

Please remember: this is a language test and not an aviation-knowledge test.
A language is something that people learn over the course of many years, and not within a weekend training course. This is what makes langauge proficiency testing different from other aviation tests.

Your competency will be assessed in the following areas:


Influenced by 1st language


Basic and Complex grammar


Hesitancy, speech flow, and
discourse markers


Finding the right word
or paraphrasing


Understanding familiar and 
unfamiliar dialects 


Participating actively in a conversation

Prepare for the ICAO Language Proficiency Test now

using our free online tools


    It will take approximately 3 to 6 working days to determine your final test results. Two independent examiners will carry out the rating and in borderline cases there might even be a third examiner.

    The final results will be delivered by LAB-106
    via e-mail, directly to the candidate.


    In cases when you are not satisfied with the test result because you think that you would have deserved a better rating, our operating procedures give you the following opportunities:

    -> appeal to the LAB
    -> appeal to the competent authority

What can you do in case of an unsuccessful test result?


There is no waiting period before retaking the test after an unsuccessful attempt.

However, a failed language test must be retaken at the same language assessment body.

Although there is no requirement to take a language course, we do recommend at least 10 to 20 individual lessons before having another attempt.


The best way to improve your language skills is to take one-to-one classes with an experienced English teacher.

Please keep in mind: this is a language test, not an aviation test!

An English teacher will be more competent than a flight instructor to help you improve your language abilities.

And remember: you don’t learn a language in a few hours. It will take some time and practice to improve!


Any more questions?

We hope that we were able to answer all of your questions. If you still need further information, please refer to the following links:


It gets easier if you know what is expected during the test.
All tests are evaluated in accordance with the ICAO rating scale for language proficiency, adopted by EASA in Part-FCL.
See this link for more information >>


LAB-106 offers language tests at various sites all throughout Austria and bordering states in the heart of Europe. Furthermore, many independent language examiners cooperate with us to provide you with a regionwide net of testing locations >>