I'm a level 3!

So you didn't pass the language proficiency test. We're sorry to hear that.
But this is not the end of your career in aviation. You should take a training course or one-on-one tuition to improve your English skills. Then try again!

Or, if you think that the result is wrong you also have the right of appeal.

100+ hours
The ICAO recommendation

Experts have determined the approximate time of training that it takes to get from one level to another:
it could be up to 400 hours! 

But don't worry:
In many cases, candidates fail the test by just a hair’s breadth. With some hours of tuition you might not be able to have a 'good level 4' result upon your next try - but maybe it will raise your skills just enough to pass the test and be allowed to fly again.

Recommended ways of training

A weekend course won't teach you how to play the piano.
Neither will one evening or one day of language tuition have a significant impact on your skills.

Language is something that develops over the course of years, not days.

Since the problem areas of every candidate who failed the test are somewhat unique, we strongly recommend that you take one-on-one tuition that addresses your needs.

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Your Right of Appeal

Any fair and standardised test allows the candidate to appeal -
in cases when he/she thinks that the test result does not reflect their real level of competency.

You have the right of appeal to:
the LAB or
  competent authority

Both ways lead to a review of the voice file established during your langauge proficiency examination.

Head of LAB

Only if your claim is found to be without merit, you'll be charged € 150 (including tax) for the extra effort and expenses.

Competent Authority (ACG)

Please contact the authority to inquire about pricing & administrative procedures.